The play Chicago was written by female reporter Maurine Watkins and premiered in 1926 billed as a “satirical comedy.” Based on Chicago’s Beulah Annan, the “prettiest murderess,” and Belva Gaertner, the “most stylish” murderess, it portrayed the tabloid culture of the era. In 1933, months before Prohibition ended, New Orleans had a similar high-profile murder and trial involving backwoods Kentucky girl Mrs. Albert Busha, aka Lou O’Neil, and her gangster boyfriend Gus Tomes, aka Dutch Gardner of the Terminal Gang. Whiskey, bootlegging, murder, a lost dog, even a Pulitzer Prize honorable mention for reporting — this story has it all. Sally Asher lectures from a chapter of her upcoming book on Prohibition from LSU Press
featuring local actors doing dramatic reenactments.

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