It has been said that literature is not an escape from the world but a way of engaging with it more deeply. Fiction writers have long known this, and have sought ways to incorporate the flavors and textures of the real world into their stories in order to invigorate them. Zachary Lazar will discuss various ways writers move from reality to fiction, or intermix the two, beginning with a discussion of the autobiographical fiction of Lucia Berlin (A Manual for Cleaning Women: Selected Stories), whose posthumous short story collection, steeped in the specifics of her real life, made her reputation after her death. Lazar will also discuss his own work and the way his journalism and real life found their way into his fiction. He hopes to inspire participants to see the value in their own lives as “material” and encourage them to leave their comfort zones and seek out the stories of other people as a way of expanding the range of their fiction.

  THU 3/22 2:30 PM

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