Whatever the game, Flora Goforth always claims victory. But how can she hope to triumph over the Angel of Death? As she finds herself in a house on fire, will she break out, or burn the world down with her? And who is the mysterious youth who’s appeared at her door in her darkest hour? In Milk Train, Williams explores glory, death, letting go, Eastern serenity, Western decadence, and as always, the complexities of the human spirit. Milk Train is produced by the Tennessee Williams Theatre Company of New Orleans in conjunction with the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival, starring New Orleans’ favorite Janet Shea and directed by Augustin J Correro.

  THU 3/23 8:00 PMFRI 3/24 8:00 PMSAT 3/25 8:00 PMSUN 3/26 6:00 PM

  Individual tickets to this event are available for $20-$25

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  General Admission: $25, Students/Seniors/Theater Professionals: $20.

  Sanctuary Cultural Arts Center

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