Jeremy Lawrence

Jeremy Lawrence has appeared at TWNOLF 11 times and has been involved in the work of Tennessee Williams for some 36 years. He has crafted more than eight one-man shows from the playwright’s interviews, memoirs, letters and the works themselves. He has performed these shows at all the major Williams festivals in the US, at universities across the country, and at theatres in New York and Los Angeles. With Zachary Clause and Rob Kendt, Jeremy created a musical theatre piece from Williams’ poems, “He Knew He Would Say It…” Jeremy has appeared in productions of “Small Craft Warnings” and “The Traveling Companion.” He is proud to have been a part of the ceremony marking Williams’ induction to The Poets Corner at St. John the Divine and to have been a part  of the Williams centenary celebration at the 92nd Street “Y,” both events in New York City. He has just completed a biography of Williams’ sister, Rose Isabel: The Remarkable Journey of the Sister of Tennessee Williams.

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