Elizabeth Pearce

Elizabeth Pearce, founder and owner of Drink & Learn, is a Louisiana native and drinks historian who tells the story of New Orleans through its iconic beverages. She is a regular convention speaker on this topic. She is the Education Specialist for the Sazerac Liquor Company’s historic brands and the Drinks Curator of the Southern Food and Beverage Museum. Prior to creating Drink & Learn, Pearce was the founding Senior Curator of the Southern Food and Beverage Museum. She is the author of Drink Dat New Orleans: A Guide to the Best Cocktail Bars, Neighborhood Pubs and All Night Dives, and a co-author of The French Quarter Drinking Companion, a guidebook to the many bars of the French Quarter. She has contributed to Saveur, Gastronomica, and other national publications and appears on local New Orleans station, WGNO, in recurring drinks history segments. She keeps her desk messy and whiskey neat.

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