We’re intensely proud of our contest winners and their achievements. If you’re a past winner and have publications, productions, awards, and other good news to report, please let us know: contests@tennesseewilliams.net

Year One-Act Play Poetry Fiction
2016 Charles Leipart, “Cream Cakes in Munich” Tanya Grae, “The Line of a Girl and Other Poems”, selected by Yusef Komunyakaa A.E. Kulze, “Widow”, selected by Claire Vaye Watkins
2015 Elizabeth Nell Dubus, “Jazz at Midnight” Emily Leithauser, “The Borrowed World”, selected by Vijay Seshadri Carrie Cogan, “Birds of Paradise”, selected by Molly Antopol
2014 Matt Baganz, “The Art of Conversation” Adie Smith, “Time After Death”, selected by Robert Pinsky Christine Fadden, “Little League Girls”, selected by Emily Raboteau and Victor LaValle
2013 Frederick Mensch, “Father” Amie Whittemore, “Blackberry Season”, selected by Ava Leavell Haymon Ben Phillipe, “Momentum”, selected by Michael Cunningham
2012 Jessica Alexander, “Jumpers” Christopher Hannan, “The Nephilim”, selected by Julie Kane Kent Wascom, “Extra Credit History: The Civil War by Juju Fandal”, selected by Amy Hempel
2011 Justin Kuritzkes, “An Autobiography of My Brother” Patricia Hawley, “Vectors,” “Father’s Day,” “When Days Unraveled Like Late Summer Roses,” and “What He Told Me”, selected by Darrell Bourque Jim Fairhall, “Pink”, selected by Robert Olen Butler
2010 Josh Billig, “Outside Sitka” Kristen-Paige Madonia, “Polaroid”, selected by Jill McCorkle
2009 Evan Guilford-Blake, “Tio’s Blues” Robin Martin, “1969”, selected by Richard Ford
2008 George Pate, “Indifferent Blue”
2007 B.T. Ryback, “Weird”
2006 Cary Pepper, “Small Things”
2005 Jamie Alliot, “A Waltz Between”
2004 Thomas Kristopher, “Loose Hog in the House of God”
2003 Peter Morris, “The World’s Longest Kiss”
2002 Anne Bertram, “Liability”
2001 Phillip Fields, “Fertilizer”
2000 Matthew Wells, “Oscar and Adonis”
1999 Jeffrey Hoffman, “Fishing”
1998 Elaine Romero, “Undercurrents”
1997 Robert E. Williams, “Burden”
1996 Patsy Voigt, “All Their Songs Were Sad”
1995 David Lindsay-Abaire, “The Kitchen Sink Drama”
1994 Elaina Dunson, “Performance Art”
1993 Jo A. Roberts, “Duet of Shade and Light”
1992 Evan Guilford-Blake, “The Night Café”
1991 John Albanese, “The Ghoul”
1990 Pamela Enz, “Fractured Hearts and Lurid Details”