Sunday Panel 2

11:30 AM – 12:45 PM—Literary Discussion

This is the happy Age of Literary Recovery. In recent years, the works of lesser known or all-but-forgotten writers like Lucia Berlin, Solomon Northup, Clarice Lispector, George Schuyler, Tess Schlesinger, and Sui Sin Far have been given new life in reprint editions, films, and museum exhibitions. But should we be cheered or troubled by these resuscitations? Does the fact that 17

good, even great, writers can randomly slip into obscurity throw into question the idea of a literary meritocracy? And how do such recovery operations occur? Join Maureen Corrigan, Michael Cunningham, and Susan Larson as they consider how literary reputations are made or recovered. They will also share some of their own enthusiastic nominations of wonderful-but-forgotten writers who deserve a larger audience.

Hotel Monteleone, Queen Anne Ballroom, $10 or Literary Discussion, Combo, or VIP Pass

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