Sunday Special Event 5

12:30 – 2:00—Special Event
NEW ORLEANS RUM: A DECADENT HISTORY WITH MIKKO MACCHIONE Like a drunken Mardi Gras parade, the history of New Orleans lurches from electrifying highs to heart-rending lows. Through it all, good drink has been a constant—especially rum. Join us in one of New Orleans’ loveliest and most historic spots, Napoleon House, as Mikko Macchione shares his witty and insightful history of this city, and reads from his latest book. Fellow prize-winning expert inebriate writer Chris Rose will moderate and probably try to outdo Mikko’s stories. To guarantee a total train wreck, Old New Orleans Rum will provide complimentary specialty rum cocktails. Though he got D’s in penmanship in grammar school, Mikko will be available to sign his latest classic.

Napoleon House, $10 or VIP Pass

Includes access to the following:

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