Sunday Theater 2

2:30 – 3:45 PM—Theater


“A Perfect Analysis Given By a Parrot” 19

Flora and Bessie are members of the Women’s Auxiliary of the Jackson Haggerty Post of the Sons of Mars in Memphis and are in town for the National Convention. Having gotten separated from “the boys,” they await them in the tavern, where they chat and gossip. Things get tearful but luckily “the boys” arrive and all ends in jubilation.

“The Long Stay Cut Short, or, The Unsatisfactory Supper”

This play would be the beginnings of Baby Doll. It is set in the rural South and centers on Archie Lee and his blowsy wife, Baby Doll, who play unwilling hosts to Aunt Rose, an ancient poor relation who has been passed around among all her relatives without finding a home anywhere.

“The One Exception”

An artist named Kyra has had a complete emotional breakdown and shows barely any signs of recovery. Now, under the care of a friendly nurse, Kyra’s greatest terror is to be sent to a mental institution. Just days before she is to be committed, Kyra is visited by Viola, an old friend from the art world who has come looking for a loan. Viola offers only “hilarious” updates and gossip about the successes of all the people who abandoned Kyra to her madness, those who left her alone and now judge her as the only one from their group to be a failure—the one exception.

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