Bananas Burlesque (or, Are Straight People Okay?) – Last Bohemia Fringe Festival Event (FRI)

Lefty Lucy

This show is a Tennessee Williams-inspired vaudeville that takes an unconventional peek at some of the accomplished author’s favorite archetypes. Join host and playwright Lefty Lucy as she introduces our lovers—named simply HE and SHE—as they sing, dance, and joke their way through the traps of social expectation in an effort to defy fate and find freedom. Chock full of everything you’d expect from a Tennessee Williams drama, but with a bit more battiness, a side of striptease, a dash of drag, and absolutely too many banana jokes. Read more about it in Bess Rowen’s article in 2023’s The Tennessee Williams Annual Review, and don’t miss this genre-busting late night delight—join us, and go Bananas!

This performance is part of The Last Bohemia Fringe Festival, a program of The Tennessee Williams & New Orleans Literary Festival.

03/24/2023 8:00pm , Twilight Room, 2240 St. Claude Avenue, $22 - $35 or VIP Pass


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