It Was Never Just Sex – Last Bohemia Fringe Festival Event (SAT)

Jovelyn Richards

You can’t bury your secrets in sex without unearthing the secrets of your lover. 

In the Jazz Age, Ro is driven by her past with roots going back to 1856 and a six-by-six slave cabin. Is there a different kind of intimacy that flourishes in the dark of oppression? Her married lovers are haunted by a secret; In the very end they don’t know if Ro is a woman or a man. Or does it matter? Syndicated radio host and performance artist Jovelyn Richards uses live Jazz and storytelling to present what she calls “nappy-headed love stories that explore Black intimacy.”

This performance is part of The Last Bohemia Fringe Festival, a program of The Tennessee Williams & New Orleans Literary Festival.

03/25/2023 6:00pm , Twilight Room, 2240 St. Claude Avenue, $22 - $35 or VIP Pass


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