Prisontown – Last Bohemia Fringe Festival Event (SAT)

Lee Osorio

When the Writer is compelled by an unshakeable force to return to his hometown of Lumpkin, Georgia—a once-thriving community that is today kept alive by one of the nation’s largest and most notorious federal immigration detention centers—he is forced to reckon with his own past as a queer, Latinx son of an immigrant and the costs of the extraction that is the foundation of our country. In this 90-minute, one-man performance, the Writer tells his origin story with powerful simplicity, using wit, nuance, humor, and compassion to reflect on the people trapped in this prison town, the past lives he could have lived, and the heartbreaking reality of the America we all live in today. 

This performance is part of The Last Bohemia Fringe Festival, a program of The Tennessee Williams & New Orleans Literary Festival.

03/25/2023 9:00pm , Twilight Room, 2240 St. Claude Avenue, $22 - $35 or VIP Pass


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