The Sinking Opulence Show! – Last Bohemia Fringe Festival Event (SAT)

Tsarina Hellfire and Stanley Roy

A Cabaret celebrating the sinking of the ship that we are all aboard! Like the legendary tale of The Titanic band playing as the ill-fated ocean liner sank into history’s depths, Tsarina Hellfire, Stanley Roy, and their motley crew of maritime monsters will titillate your ears and tickle your imagination. It’s the last big hurrah until the inevitable glug-glug! Live music, theater, burlesque, and a delightful devastation of all of your senses!

This performance is part of The Last Bohemia Fringe Festival, a program of The Tennessee Williams & New Orleans Literary Festival.

03/25/2023 11:00pm , Twilight Room, 2240 St. Claude Avenue, $22 - $35 or VIP Pass


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