Bodenheimer, Neal 300

Neal Bodenheimer

Neal Bodenheimer is the Managing Partner of CureCo, the acclaimed group behind Cure, Cane & Table, and VALS in New Orleans; Partner of Dauphine’s in Washington, DC; and Operator of newly opened Peychaud’s at the hotel Maison de Ville, a favorite haunt of Tennessee Williams. When he opened Cure 2009, he quickly gained national recognition as a pioneer of the New Orleans craft cocktail movement. Cure was named one of “America’s Best Bars” by Esquire in 2011 and received the award for “Outstanding Bar Program” from the James Beard Foundation in 2018. More bars and accolades soon followed, as Bodenheimer received awards and acclaim for his unique cocktail bar concepts. His first cocktail book, Cure: New Orleans Drinks and How to Mix ‘Em, co-authored by Emily Timberlake, was published in 2022 by Abrams Books.