Kathy Randels

Kathy Randels was born and raised in New Orleans and founded ArtSpot Productions in 1995.  She has written, performed in, and directed numerous original solo and collaboratively created group works for professional, student, and incarcerated ensembles in Louisiana and beyond.  She co-founded and co-directs the LCIW (Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women) Drama Club in 1996; and The Graduates (an ensemble of formerly incarcerated women currently in residence at the CAC) in 2012. Past “New Orleans as muse” performances include: New Orleans Suite; Lower 9 Stories; Beneath the Strata/Disappearing; and Nita & Zita (2003 Obie Award). Upcoming projects include Requiem for My Parents’ House and Holy Wars. Spaces in Between was originally created as a live performance in the gutted house she grew up in for Lakeviews: A Sunset Bus Tour (2007); and the film premiered in Tank Drama, a group exhibit at the CAC in 2013.