Eric Solomon

Eric Solomon is a Visiting Assistant Professor of American Studies and English at Oxford College, Emory University. Originally from Leland, Mississippi, he received his doctorate in English from Emory University. His first book project, Queer Straits: Desire Lines from the Southernmost, is a cultural history of Key West, Florida in the queer imagination. Included in Queer Straits is a reading of Tennessee Williams and Frank Merlo’s Key West home. Solomon serves as co-chair of the Historic Atlanta LGBTQ+ preservation advisory committee and is the series editor of “Queer Intersections” with the open-access peer-reviewed journal Southern Spaces. In October 2021, Solomon launched The #TUOR Project with Dave Hayward of Touching Up Our Roots. A work in progress and ongoing digital meeting place, The #TUOR Project explores the sites and spaces, people and places in Atlanta’s modern LGBTQIAA+ history.