Sunday, March 27, 1 – 2:15 PM

A Staged Reading presented by The NOLA Project

INTERIOR: PANIC – Any list of Tennessee Williams’ most fascinating characters is sure to include Blanche DuBois. So to see Williams’ first attempt at creating her story in INTERIOR: PANIC makes her journey that much more fascinating. Join The NOLA Project in exploring some of the familiar situations of Tennessee Williams’ masterpiece A Streetcar Named Desire. Come hear the tale of Blanche Shannon staying with her sister and brother-in-law, Grace and Jack Kiefaber, in their cramped New Orleans quarters. Listen as Blanche obsesses over her appearance, hears voices from her past, and falls into a state of paranoia and anxiety as her “gentleman caller” goes absent. Most fascinating of all, you’ll be offered a drastically different ending to the tale of Blanche.

HONOR THE LIVING – John has recently returned from fighting in World War I. Mary, his young bride, is thrilled that he has returned physically unharmed. But John is unable to adapt to life after the front lines. Written in 1937, HONOR THE LIVING likely had a much larger impact on readers and audiences when it was written, well before the details of the atrocities of war were so readily available.  Come hear the tale of this young couple’s relationship from newlyweds to new parents to devastating heartbreak under the crushing weight of John’s deep psychological wounds from the horrors he experienced overseas.

PORTRAIT OF A MADONNA centers on a middle-aged spinster, Miss Lucretia Collins. She was a minister’s daughter and once upon a time considered a good girl, a respectable girl. And she fell in love with a boy in her town. Between her reputation and her young love, she had a bright future … but nothing ever worked out with him; he married someone else. Lucretia Collins never recovered from that blow. At the play’s open, Miss Collins is living in a small dingy apartment and time has run out for her. Every night, she believes that Richard, the man she once loved, breaks into her room to “indulge his senses.” Miss Collins has called down to the building manager to report that she has had an intruder, yet again. Unbeknownst to her, a doctor has been called to take her away to an institution.

Hotel Monteleone, Vieux Carre Room, $20 or Literary Discussion or Pass VIP Pass