In a discussion sparked by T.R. Johnson’s New Orleans: The Writer’s City, scholar T.R. Johnson shares his particular vision of a complicated literary landscape. Novelist Maurice Carlos Ruffin has envisioned a New Orleans of the future in his first book, a contemporary city in his second, and in his third, The American Daughters, he paints an unforgettable portrait of the antebellum world here. Moira Crone’s vision of the drowned city in The Not-Yet is so persuasive that architecture students have been inspired to create models of it. And poet Skye Jackson, who studied at UNO, is a leading light of the new generation of writers. Novelist George Bishop moderates.



03/24/2024 10:00am-11:15am , Hotel Monteleone, Queen Anne Ballroom, $10 or LitPass or VIP Pass.


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