Writer’s Craft – SASFest—REINE DUGAS

Setting can be more than just the backdrop for your story—setting can shape and breathe life into your plot, conflict, and characters. Choosing and highlighting the right details about a place, really situating your reader in a certain time and geographical space, can determine whether the story comes alive for the reader or not. This workshop will focus on how to add unique setting details into your story that capture the mood and flavor of the setting of your story and how to create characters who couldn’t have come from any other place than the one you’ve chosen for them—this is evident in the things they like, the way they talk, and the beliefs they hold. Workshop participants will learn how to incorporate details of place during the drafting and revision stages of their writing.

When not writing, she’s assistant editor of Louisiana Literature and editor of the magazines, Louisiana Life and Acadiana Profile.

03/22/2024 10:00am-11:15am , Hotel Monteleone, Lobby Level, Royal C, included in SAS Weekend Registration or $25


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